Why Smart Toilets Are Taking Over This 2020

With the rapid growth of technology today, many households are slowly adapting to a more modern way of living. In the Philippines, smart houses are rising left and right, embracing more comfort and convenience, especially in the bath. This year, smart toilets are becoming more popular among Filipinos. Bathrooms have become so much more than a basic wash area and have evolved into a perfect sanctuary for personal hygiene.

In 2020, personal health care and sanitation have become an ultimate priority in the country. More homeowners are investing in turn-of-the-century products that promote a cleaner and germ-free lifestyle—one of which is the smart toilet. Curious to know more about the smart toilet on our radar? Scroll down and read up on the AXENT.ONE C Plus and find out why you should make the investment for your home!

1. Find your controls in one panel

Bring functionality and style into the bath with a touch-sensitive remote control for your smart toilet. Operate your bidet seat easily with the rear wash, front wash, night light, and more through a quick touch of a button. Trust in Swiss research and technology as they redefine bathroom comfort unlike ever before. Find all your functions in one panel for your comfort and pleasure as your take your seat in the best seat in the house.

2. Save on 25% more water

Equipped with an ingenious flushing system, the AXENT.ONE C Plus has the latest Vacuum V Flush two-fold hydrodynamic flushing system that cuts water wastage and performs precise water consumption with each use. Optimize each flush effectively and save on water each time. As an added bonus, this system is proven to manage foul-smelling pipe leaks efficiently too!

3. Minimize contact with automated controls

Cut out unnecessary skin contact with opening the toilet lid and pressing the flush button with automated controls. Reduced to a few buttons, the control panel is user-friendly and provides all the controls needed without unnecessary switches. Users can now do their business practically handsfree and in turn, with less bacteria contact.

4. Self-cleansing and deodorizing functionality

Let toilet cleaning be one less thing to worry about with the AXENT.ONE C Plus. With modern toilet hygiene, the unit is made with stain-resistant material with a rimless profile that eliminates bacteria through its antibacterial coating. Its rear wash also has self-cleaning capabilities for utmost user convenience. Wipe away dirt, grease, and grime with the detachable bidet seat that can be removed and placed back seamlessly.

5. Effortlessly flush with a touch, dial, or tap

Giving the user the freedom to explore a new wave of comfort, the AXENT.ONE C Plus allows multiple ways of flushing from the innovative bidet seat control panel, the One.Dial, and the smartphone app. Fiddle with the remote control and tinker with the wash and water temperature controls easily. The One Dial is likened to a swiss watch and allows you to access all the functions with a swift turn of a dial. For the real, modern day innovation, take matters into your smartphone with AXENT’s own mobile app. With a tap, you can access the bidet seat and its many controls while navigating through your smartphone.

For more smart toilet choices, visit the SANITEC showrooms at Quezon City, Ortigas and Taguig area. Get in touch with our specialists by contacting the numbers below:

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