Top Showerheads You Need for Summer

The hottest season is upon us and in the Philippines, a tropical summer can mean serious heat waves! With the highest record of 42 degrees Celsius in weather, homeowners have to get creative with how to beat the heat. In order to cool down, nothing beats hopping in the shower for an instant recharge. With today’s technological advances, there are many smart and easy ways to maximize each shower, starting with a new showerhead.

Easily overlooked, a showerhead can have major benefits with your bathing experience. There are a couple of designs in the market, each one having its own set of pros and cons. When chosen properly, the once routinary chore can be a refreshing and rejuvenating escape in these scorching times. Scroll down and browse through our top three picks for your showerhead needs.

1. CAE Thames

Give your private bath a trendy upgrade by investing in CAE’s Thames series. A work of art in itself, you get your money’s worth with this two-showerhead combination. The overhead shower gives you a perfect rain shower effect whenever you need a good wash and rinse. Turn on the mixer and revitalize your body with its large showerhead area. You get the best of both worlds with the built-in handheld shower spray in the mix. If you prefer less water flow and a more targeted spray, the unit comes with a hand shower for mobility and convenience to get those hard-to-reach areas. The Thames is a true investment for personal hygiene, redefining the classic shower experience tenfold.

2. PRIMY Vezere Series

Take time to pause in your private space, enjoying each and every second under the PRIMY Vezere Overhead and Hand Shower Series. This bathroom tandem eases everyday tensions in one reviving shower. Going for the handheld showerhead route allows you to get the most out of your daily wash. Users can direct the showerhead to their chosen areas with its flexible hose without foregoing water pressure and heat. Water conservation is most effective with handhelds as less amount of water is used as opposed to fixed showers. These handy shower mixers are also easy to clean, keeping limescale and stains from constant build-up.

With the PRIMY Vezere Overhead unit, your bathroom gets a luxurious makeover instantly with its sophisticated and modern design. Home dwellers also create a spa-like atmosphere with its wall-mounted structure, clean and sleek frame, and soothing rain-like downpour. Spend your summer days at home while relaxing and cleansing in an exhilarating shower experience.

3. Kohler Moxie

For the ultimate bathroom concert experience, try out the Kohler Moxie showerhead. Situated in the center of the spray face, this removable speaker allows you to securely dock the unit in place for 7 hours of music and news, all resounding within the sound of clear running water. The Moxie rain head and speaker is the best way to enjoy a relaxing spa-like shower with only you and the music in one peaceful encounter.

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