The Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Right Lavatory Sink

For any private sanctuary, a lavatory sink completes the overall cleansing experience for home dwellers. There are numerous kinds of washbasins at present, each having a unique shape, design, and faucet configuration that elevates the aesthetic of the bath. From the sink material, mount surface, to faucet fixtures, the overall lavatory is an art piece that performs numerous cleaning functions for personal care. Although with the many choices in the market today, early nesters are left overwhelmed with which sink is best for their home.

Keep the selection process effortless and stress-free by following our beginner’s guide to choosing the right lavatory sink. Browse and consider these 5 popular sink types for your new house, apartment, or condominium.

1. Drop-In Sink


One of the more common sinks today is the drop-in sink. Fashioned to have rimmed and finished edges, this sink sits on top of a bathroom counter as its main base. This sink style is easy to clean as it keeps water from splashing outside with its wide-mouth basin. Consider this structure if your bathroom has a big vanity mirror and a countertop in its initial bath setup.

What we recommend: Kohler K2886T-8-0 Drop-in sink an oval self-rimming lavatory with cast iron, 3 tap holes, and 8” center hole.

2. Pedestal Sink


Pedestal sinks are a two-part structure with a basin set on top of a cylindrical column or a pedestal. The pedestal structure is an ingenious way to conceal bathroom pipes as well for an overall polished look. Pedestal sinks usually follow a specific bathroom suite collection or a particular interior design such as transitional, shabby chic, rustic, and so much more. Perfect for small-sized baths that have little to no need for storage space, ideally for guest rooms and powder rooms.

What we recommend: Cotto C013 and C404 Pedestal sink, a two-part basin made of ceramic and included in Cotto’s Kensington series.

3. Vessel Countertop


Easily one of the more aesthetically-inclined sinks in the market, vessel countertops are placed above or partially on top of a table top and usually have an irregular basin or bowl shape. Spas and hotel lounges have adopted this sink structure to give a more tranquil and relaxed feel to guests. This type of sink is great for contemporary-styled baths and can also fit with post-modern interiors.

What we recommend: Viglacera V11 vessel countertop, best for minimalist-styled bathrooms with its simple and rounded façade.

4. Wall-Mounted Sink


Wall-mounted sinks are established ultimately for function. Since they are mounted directly on the wall, water pipes are out of sight and provides accessibility for those needing extra leg room for wheelchairs or bath accessories under the sink. This lavatory fixture is also effortless to clean and fix.

What we recommend: Viglacera V11 vessel countertop, best for minimalist-styled bathrooms with its simple and rounded façade.

5. Vanity Top Sink


Known as the sink and counter top in one, seamless structure, a vanity top sink is an ingenious way of using materials like granite, porcelain, marble, and others in creating an innovative and sleek lavatory product. Consider this one-piece look if you are interested in a basin and vanity fashioned in an elegant yet minimalist look. Storage below the counter is also flexible and room can be utilized for other bathroom accessory fixtures around the unit.

What we recommend: The Axent 1C vanity top sink is a artwork in itself that provides an artistic addition in the private sanctuary.

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