The Basic Essentials When Renovating The Kitchen Area

When it comes to remodeling one of the central spaces in the home, the kitchen is an area that requires careful and strategic planning. This shared space for cooking and dining needs, call for constant upkeep to maintain appliances and furnishings as they should be. The kitchen is also susceptible to a variety of cooking conditions that bring in smoke, steam, and heat, making kitchen furnishings look raw and dated. A handful of appliances also become worn out, thus needing a renovation after a certain point.

In this day and age, smart technology is rapidly growing in different lifestyle sectors, including the home. Intelligent kitchens are becoming a new trend that changes the home-cooking experience as we know it. When the day comes that a much-needed spruce-up is needed in the culinary space, jot down these 5 basic essentials that spark your renovation towards a 21st century smart kitchen.

1. Digitally controlled oven 

Using an oven can be intimidating for any newbie in the kitchen. Although with the right product at home, you can cook and bake anything without worries. We recommend investing in a Cata oven, a multifunction product that wins in user-friendliness. This revolutionary oven allows cooking and baking without all the hassle in the kitchen. Create pizza, pastries, and different meat dishes effortlessly with its wide range of settings: double grilling, defrost, traditional cooking, and AquaSmart cleaning, telescope guides, and so much more.

2. Creative storage units


Whether your current kitchen is small or large, effective storage systems are all in the design. You can maximize tight corners and empty shelf space for storing your food supplies and cookware. Cupboards and pantries can be secretly incorporated in ingenious ways around the kitchen while cooking utensils can be stored out in the open with the right wireware holder. VRH offers a collection of wirewares that neatly organize kitchen utensils, allowing key pieces to be hung in an efficient yet stylish manner.

3. Energy-saving stove hob

Cook, heat, and grill your food with a hob customized to your needs. Cata offers Induction, Vitroceramic, and Gas hobs for all cooking needs. Induction stoves instantly heats the pan from an induction source without needing the hob ring. Vitroceramic stoves are made of ceramic glass, heating pots and pans directly as well. Gas hobs are the most classic kind as it sources its heat from a combustible source. The most energy efficient among the three are both Induction and Vitroceramic models, as it uses 50% less energy compared to gas types.

4. Durable kitchen sink

One of the prime spots in the kitchen is the sink area. Used about 60% of the time, the kitchen mixer is depended for washing food, cleaning dining utensils, and preparing fresh ingredients before the cooking begins. This vital workplace requires a kitchen mixer with different flexible functions. Primy kitchen mixers come with different features such as a swivel spout and comes in stainless steel and chrome.

5. Minimalist dishwasher  

Clean and wash your dining tools in one powerful device using as little energy needed. These built-in dishwashers come with ten place settings, cleaning features, drying settings and are extremely quiet to boot. Install one in any wall or spare space in your kitchen. Cata built-in dishwashers are a great way to reduce the chores in the kitchen and allow you to enjoy more time dining inside the home with the family.

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