Layout Ideas To Make Small Kitchen Spaces Seem Bigger

Every small kitchen space has big potential for being a professional culinary hub. What can be mistaken as cramped and limited space can become every home chef’s dream cooking area with the right layout design and good ‘ol elbow grease. A common mistake for many homeowners is thinking an upgrade automatically means decking out the area with more kitchen appliances or doing a complete remodel to make room for a bigger space. Instead, cozy kitchens need unbeatable storage solutions, an ingenious layout plan, and creativity in making your space smartly spacious.

Check out these three products that are sure to make a difference in a small-sized kitchen.

1. Innovative Wirewares For Smart Storage (VRH H106B – Dish Rack Wall Mount)

Kitchens in general, have a tendency to accumulate clutter if storage space is lacking. To maximize the room inside your cabinets, consider installing wireware to make your storage more accessible. There are many factors as to why storage becomes tricky for small-scale cooking areas. Some cabinets have hard-to-each compartments due to its deep chamber, while others have too little room with poorly planned shelf partitions. For a simple and convenient alternative, give VRH wirewares a try for your storage needs, to keep your items secure and reachable.

2. Multiple Cook Zone Hob (Cata L705TI gas hob)

For one of the bare essentials in a kitchen, invest in a hardworking stovetop to boost efficiency while you cook. You can accomplish frying, grilling, boiling and more with a multiple cook zone hob, allowing numerous tasks at once. Cata’s L705TI gas hob pushes the limit and incorporated five cook zones with varying ranges from 3.0kw Fast, two 1.7kw Semi Fast, 1.0kw Auxiliary and a 3.5kw Triple Ring. The overall unit includes cast iron grids and a stainless steel finish for easy cleanup. Gone are the days when a traffic line of pending cooking items build up by the stove; choose speed and efficiency always.

3. Hardworking Sink and Mixer Duo (Krupp Series Radius Zero Sink and Primy 70901A)

Made for home chefs with a passion for the culinary arts, this sink and mixer combination is a dream come true for food preparation. The undermount sink has a bowl size of 450x400mm which allows easy movement for the user within the washing area. Fulfill sink tasks from fruit and vegetable rinsing, chopping, and dish-washing all within arm’s reach. No more need to move items aside to make space for food assembly and prep.

No sink area is complete without a dependable faucet to source out water to your food and cookware. Upgrade the usual mounted fixture with a mixer that makes washing task effortless and enjoyable. The Primy 70901A is equipped with a swivel spout with multiple functions from stream to spray options. To take convenience a notch further, its flexi-hose structure provides cleaning mobility for large-sized cookware and dinnerware. Reach tough and tight corners of pots and pans with newfound ease.

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