Choosing Between Basic and Intelligent Toilets For Your 2019 Remodel

For the most visited room in the house, a remodeling touch-up can make a huge difference in the bathroom. Every private sanctuary can benefit with minor and major fixes from replacing rusty fixtures to investing in a whole new water closet for the family to use. With today’s digital-savvy society, bathroom appliances have also received a significant upgrade with a smart brain in their arsenal. Thus Intelligent Toilets were born; redefining comfortability and convenience as we know it. While some prefer to keep things simple with a basic toilet and its classic flush function, both models are great for renovation with their respective benefits.

Intelligent toilets make for an intelligent investment

There are a number of smart toilets in the market today that make our private moments in the bath more convenient. Gone are the days when we can only imagine of a commode that have more than one key feature. The future is with revolutionary water closets complete with remote control functions that cater to our every need. Some of these satisfying controls are instant seat heating, front and rear wash, a warm dryer, a deodorizer, self-cleaning nozzles, adjustable water, pulse and oscillating features, and many more.

Intelligent toilets break the norm of the user experience in the bathroom. These products were developed not only to address the basic needs of people but also to be more energy and cost-efficient in bathroom water usage. A new power and water-saving system is included to increase productivity without sacrificing efficiency. These inventions are also keen on lowering toilet paper consumption through its cleaning and drying facets.

Notable intelligent toilets out in the market today come from the product line of AXENT and COTTO TUNIO as they release integrated and multi-functional water closets. Among their many features is its aesthetic design that fit in any comfort room seamlessly. They make for great investments and are a great addition to any household.

Adapting the natural beauty and elegance of Switzerland, AXENT envisions their home country in their smart bathroom appliances. Found worldwide, each bathroom piece becomes an icon of eco-minded and sophisticated design.

Stepping forward as a global leader in sanitary ware, COTTO recreates the bathroom scene with world-class production technology. This Thai brand’s award-winning designer Sanpang-iam Kriangkrai innovates each product wherein comfort and function come hand-in-hand.

Basic toilets retain the classic elegance of the household bathroom

In the planning process of a bathroom remodel, some people prefer to keep things uncomplicated and simple with a basic toilet unit. They find comfort in its timeless design and the simplicity of its features. Setting a new unit up resides in the size, height, and design of the commode without worrying about a massive tank structure. The regular round-shaped toilet bowl is both space-saving and power-saving, allowing more space for bathroom fixtures and accessories. With regular water closets, there is no need to worry about setting electricals with the unit to power the product.

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