5 Tips to Creating an Industrial Inspired Kitchen

Are you reinventing your home kitchen and looking to create a stylish industrial look and feel? Wondering where to start? At KOHLER, we pride ourselves on exceptional style when it comes to both interior and product design. With both form and function at the heart of everything we do, here are our top tips for creating a state-of-the-art industrial style kitchen.

Welcome natural light

Large windows have the ability to lift an atmosphere in a room and highlight features within. When designing your new kitchen, think about how you can introduce large windows. Bi-fold doors are also great for creating light spaces and can add to an industrial style if done properly. Windows with dark metal frames are a favourable choice for those craving an industrial finish.

Go for metallics

Using metals is a stylish and sturdy way of bringing an industrial feel to your kitchen. Silvers and dark metals are a great way to build upon industrial themes.

When creating an industrial inspired kitchen, stainless steel is also often a valuable option. A timeless material, that is hygienic and hard-wearing, is great for kitchen sinks as well as seating and shelving.

Additionally, copper is currently a popular choice and works well as a base palette for utensils. Although, it is often best not to mix too many metallics within one design. Consistency is the key to creating a bold and defined kitchen. Select your preferred metal and run with it.

Don’t strive for perfection

Inspired by the industrial revolution in the 1800’s, modern day industrial interiors don't have to portray perfection. Industrial home design mimics the rawness seen in Victorian factories. The key to creating an industrial inspired kitchen that flaunts authenticity is to encourage imperfection. Think about how you can introduce sanded down paintwork, exposed brick walls, dark tiles or polished concrete floors into your kitchen.

Resisting the urge to cover up chipped paint work or exposed metal beams can sometimes be hard. However, this ‘lived in’ environment adds to an industrial feel.

Less is often more when it comes to industrial interiors; rustic additions with no frills attached often speaks volumes when aiming for an industrialised ambience.

Introduce low hanging lights

Although natural light is always desirable, when bringing artificial light fixtures into your kitchen think about using low hanging lights. Exposed Edison light bulbs add to a historic industrial theme while bringing a sense of warmth to a room.

Make your kitchen sink a focal point

At KOHLER we offer a wide collection of luxury kitchen sinks. While a kitchen sink can be seen as an unquestionable necessity, it can in fact be treated as a fashionable focal point. Be bold with your choice of sink; make a statement. Consider how a stainless steel under-mount sink with structure and defined edges could add to your overall theme. Or, how a statement tap or industrial-style Pot Filler could be a style detail.

Here at KOHLER we live by ‘function as well as form’. Industrial inspired kitchens often naturally lend themselves to highly functional and reliable additions.

Create your dream industrial inspired kitchen with KOHLER for guaranteed style and substance.

Source: https://www.kohler.co.uk/inspiration/blog/5-tips-to-creating-an-industrial-inspired-kitchen/

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