5 Kitchen Sinks That Turn Out As Great Investments

When we’re talking about one of the happiest areas in the home, we can easily agree that it’s the kitchen. Whether we compare our childhood kitchen or our very own cooking nook today, the room where we source our food and refreshing beverages will always have a soft spot in our hearts. In any kitchen setup, the sink is one of the primary components. With any kitchen activity, the sink plays a significant role with food prep, cleaning, draining, and so much more. Choosing the right kind of sink at the onset of construction or a remodel can have a major payoff in the future.

Upon assembling and building your kitchen area, the selection process for the right sink relies on size, purpose, and the number of persons in the household. Consider these five PRIMY kitchen sinks that will make your cooking experience worthwhile.

1. Undermount Sink


A safe and sleek sink choice that works well with majority of kitchen designs is an undermount sink. A mix between stainless steel and a hard counter material, this particular design allows easy cleaning while adopting a minimalist and lustrous look. The deep sink bowl allows maximum cleanliness and prevents dirt from accumulating on the kitchen surface—truly a low-maintenance sink for your cooking and washing needs.

2. Rectangular Bowl Sink


When considering a single basin sink, consider a rectangular-shaped bowl for maximum washing space. This specific sink shape allows easier washing of cookware and large loads of dining ware and utensils. Decide on this sink if you’d like to save on space or if you have a small kitchen area.

3. Round Bowl with Drainboard


For a stylish yet functional sink, consider a rounded bowl with a drainboard next to it. Round bowls fit different types of pots and pans with ease and you don’t have to worry about accumulating dirt and grime in hard corners of the bowl. This easy-to-clean structure is perfect for any type of kitchen and fits well with corner placement.

4. Farmhouse Sink


The heavy-duty kitchen sink that is well-loved in rustic and country homes is the farmhouse sink. Made with a deeper bowl, this sink was originally designed for busy kitchens with heavy loads of cookware and utensils for washing. Today, farmhouse sinks are used for homes, restaurants, and also bakeries. Washing pots, baking utensils, and large baking sheets becomes an easier task with its deep and wide sink walls.

5. Double Basin Sink


If you are anticipating lots of cook time in the kitchen, consider investing in a double basin sink. A two bowl structure allows you to multi-task different cooking steps in one movement. It also maximizes the space in the kitchen for optimal use. With a double basin sink you can also customize kitchen accessories for each basin. Choose by adding a built-in strainer, wash hose, cutting board, and others for the best cooking experience in the home.


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