5 Kitchen Faucets That Change The Dishwashing Game

As more people spend their days indoors, many occupy their time experimenting new recipes in the kitchen. This part of the house becomes a popular spot where family members cook, dine, and grab infinite snacks together. The once empty space is now a highly visited culinary avenue for your everyday food excursions. With this, the kitchen needs to be as efficient as possible from the stove tops to more importantly, the kitchen sink and faucet. Contrary to popular belief, the faucet proves itself as one of the most hardworking elements when cooking. It becomes the center of the assembly line for food prep, washing, chopping, and more.

In a space where things can get busy, dependable sinkware can go a long way in improving the cooking experience for the home chef. Browse and consider these kitchen faucets that will surely minimize the workload and hasten the kitchen tasks at home.

1. Kohler Tournant™

The Tournant is crafted for semi-professional home cooks who would like an extra hand in accomplishing sink work in style. The faucet is elegantly designed while performing effectively in each use. The three functions on its sprayhead ranges from BerrySoft® spray for food prep, an aerated stream for filling large containers, and Sweep® spray for cleaning duties. The Tournant is a spectacular investment for its DockNetik® feature as well. The high-arch coil spring detaches for easy cleaning mobility and consecutively locks in place with a magnetic docking system on the sprayhead.

2. CAE York

A perfect fit for any kitchen sink is CAE’s York model, a fantastic addition to any home kitchen. It’s elongated J-Spout allows flexible cleaning in more areas in the sink. It’s high-curved structure also makes cleaning tall pots and pans a faster and effortless job. For cooks that are just starting out, this is a great sink partner for you.

3. VRH Marathon

For modern and minimalist homes, partner your kitchen with a sleek and sharp kitchen faucet by VRH. The VRH Marathon is a cold water pillar tap which is perfect for dishwashing and fruit and produce rinsing. Its Marathon model is an artwork in itself with this slim spout design, made with Grade 304 stainless steel. This particular material is best for food & pharmaceutical industries, cookware and water storage. It is also built to last with the proper maintenance and easy to clean with its resistance to corrosion buildup.

4. PRIMY 70118A

If you’re in the market for a hot and cold function in your faucet, the PRIMY 70118A is your best deal yet. Get the temperature you need for your washing needs through this kitchen mixer while enjoying its swivel spout—a feature to get all the hard corners of kitchenware clean and spotless. Experience 360 degrees of washing mobility through its built-in flexi hose when you pull out the washing gun for added dishwashing convenience.

5. PRIMY PF7202

PRIMY is known for its caliber for engineering products that promote world-class hygiene. Apart from its swivel spout and flexi hose, the PRIMY PF7202 is made with 304 Stainless Steel which is completely lead-free and easy to clean. Thoroughly clean kitchenware, dishware, food ingredients with an additional kitchen aide in the form of a PRIMY kitchen mixer.

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