5 Bathroom Sinks For Your 2020 Remodel

2020 has become a year where life takes place at home. With each new day, we find more ways to brighten and spruce up our corners, making home life exciting for our many activities. Next thing we know, a home remodel is well underway, making our living space one step closer to our dream home. Truth be told, there is no better time for home improvements than today. We have more time to give our full attention to each and every detail, making the 2020 remodel more fulfilling and close to our own vision.

For those considering to kickstart the renovations, we recommend starting with the bathroom. A smaller space can open so many opportunities, beginning with the main essential: the sink. Truly one of the most used items in the bath, the sink can transform your bathroom’s entire look for the better. When choosing the right sink, all you need to remember is size, space, and style.

Find the right fit to your home and consider these magnificent bathroom sinks from Cotto and Kohler.

1. COTTO Sensation Collection

Treat the senses to a sink that is built to stay through the years. The Sensation Collection is perfectly shaped in rounded geometric shapes to fit your bathroom vanity size. Available in four different colors, white, beige, gray and black, the Sensation Collection makes use of COTTOCERAM Thin Ceramic Technology for elegant, scratch-free surfaces.


2. Kohler Veil Vessel Bathroom Sink

If you are in the market for a bathroom sink that values symmetry and style, we recommend the Kohler Veil Vessel Bathroom Sink. Its curved structure is inspired by the curves of the human body. It is a contemporary piece that balances minimalist design with mindful functions.

3. Shagreen On Carillion® Rectangular Wading Pool® Lavatory (in Oyster Pearl)

Delicate and comforting, the Carillon® Rectangular Vessel is a fantastic addition to any bathroom suite. Its neutral palette becomes a superb canvas for eye-catching fixtures, making a beautifully balanced vanity and sink space in your bath.


4. Sartorial Herringbone Carillion® Rectangular Wading Pool®

Strike modern elegance in your bathroom with the Sartorial Collection. Made with 19th-century European textiles in mind, the collection has herringbone pattern, geometric note, all within standout sophistication with the Carillon® vessel sink.

5. Kohler Derring Bourbon Rutile On Carillion

Bring artwork into the bathroom with a breathtakingly unique, hand-crafted sink. Behind the Derring Collection is artistry and craftsmanship unlike any other. Glazed and carved in fantastic color transitions, the Bourbon Rutile boasts of powerful neutral tones from its intricate patterns. Its name “Carillon” is derived from carillon tower bells—demure and graceful creations made by expert potters in Europe.

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