5 Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Fails You Need to Avoid

Renovating any part of the home not only adds value to your space but also helps improve the functionality of the area you're working on. When it comes to deciding which part of the home to renovate, many homeowners instantly choose to revamp the bathroom or kitchen, as these two are the most-used areas in the house.

While it can be exciting to take on a renovation project, it's no secret that it can be expensive and time-consuming. There's also the risk of committing mistakes if you haven't prepared for the renovation properly. Below, we've listed some of the common mistakes you need to avoid so you can stay within your renovation budget. Take note of the tips and get ready for your upcoming project.


5 bathroom and kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid


1. Not having a sound plan

Just because you decided to work on a renovation project doesn't mean you need to get started the following day. You need to prepare by surveying the bathroom or kitchen, taking note of the improvements you need to prioritize, and setting a budget. Since these are major areas, you also need to decide if you need to tap a design professional. It's best to tap an expert who can oversee the project to avoid mistakes.

2. Skipping finalizing a timeline

If you're changing your bathroom fixtures or toilet, chances are your project will take some time. Set a timeline with your design professional so you can manage expectations on both sides. A timeline also allows you to track how much work has been finished within a given period of time. Allotting enough time for your project also gives you time to choose and finalize colors, fixtures, and other essentials.

3. Choosing materials just because they're affordable

Don't fall into the trap of buying affordable materials just because you want to save money. Make sure you're buying reputable brands from a trusted store to guarantee the quality of the materials you're buying. There are instances when inexpensive materials break easily, causing you to spend again to replace them. If you're spending, you might as well spend your money on quality materials that will last and give you more bang for your buck.

4. Neglecting storage

When planning your renovation project, make sure you include storage cabinets, shelves, and catchalls in your plan. Forgetting to include these in your list of things to buy and install may result in drilling holes at the last minute, which in turn causes damage to your walls or tiles.

5. Hasty retiling processes

 Whether you're renovating the bathroom or kitchen, you may consider retiling the space to elevate the look. This endeavor requires removing the old tiles, preparing the surface for retiling, and installing new tiles properly. To avoid hollow tiles or cracks, make sure you go through each step thoroughly. Remember, tiles can be expensive, and replacing even just a few pieces means an added cost.

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