3 Bidet Accessories Best For Your Modern Bathroom

Modern luxury in a bathroom calls for maximum comfort and convenience. For the porcelain throne, a bidet accessory becomes the prominent element that changes the bath experience completely. Today’s technological advances have given the market many bidet types that differ from flow control, temperature settings, to handsfree options. Considering these features, a contemporary bidet would make a great investment for your home.

There are three main self-washing accessories that come to mind when assembling a modern bath space. These are classic handheld bidets, intelligent toilets, and bidet seats. These fixtures make a revolutionary change when it comes to personal cleansing. They are envisioned to transform bathroom visits into tranquil cleaning sessions, leaving you worry-free, assured, and cleaner than ever. Looking to upgrade your bathroom with a new device? Scroll down and find the best bidet accessory suited for your home.

1. Classic Handheld Bidets

Adopt a classic accessory for any bathroom in your house with a bidet handheld spray. This device allows optimal control while cleansing and is lightweight on the grip. Specifically, The VRH Bidet Handspray provides convenient washing with a flexible hose and a sturdy wall mount. The flexible hose allows easy maneuvering with its 360-swivel structure. Invest in this product if you are in the market for an entry-level product that gets the job done.

What we love: VRH Bidet Handspray

2. Intelligent Toilets

Making waves in the home and bath scene is the intelligent toilet trend. Created to address energy and cost efficiency, these structures are the future of water closets as they cater to every need of the user. Some of the controls range from a front & rear wash, a dryer, deodorizer, and self-cleaning nozzles. This built-in bidet invention aims to lower toilet paper consumption without sacrificing sanitation efficiency.

Representing Switzerland for its natural beauty and elegance, AXENT embodies its home country origin into its smart bathroom appliances. Its award-winning water closet, the AXENT One C+ fuses luxury and technology with its sophisticated design coupled with key features.

What we love: AXENT One C+

3. Bidet Seat

For unrivaled comfort, Novita technology redefined the features of the customary toilet seat. Ergonomically designed to provide warmth, this bidet seat provides heated seats with temperature control. Give yourself the assurance and relief you deserve with a built-in warm-air dryer with adjustable panels. Practice hands-free hygiene in all bathrooms for a spic and span home. Hygiene features include Automatic Self-Cleaning Nozzles, Ion Nozzle Sterilization, Deodorization Function, Child Cleansing Function, and Auto Open/Close Lid.

Novita is all about providing the necessary functions you no longer need to think twice about when entering the bath. Each seat has a self-cleaning wand tucked inside the structure. Upon sitting down, the wand rinses itself for maximum cleanliness during every visit. It boasts of a Warm-Water Cleansing option for front and rear sprays. Its Pulsate Spray effectively removes dirt and waste with its soft or strong stream feature. Lastly, its Oscillate Spray ensures thorough cleansing with its oscillating water stream.

What we love: Novita Model BN-330S Round-Front

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